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Expected results

Expected results are:

  • to train EU legal practitioners (judges, prosecutors, law enforcers, ministry officials, members of victims’ support units and pro-children organisations, etc.) on the most effective preventive measures such as: disqualification arising from convictions, measures against advertising abuse opportunities and child sex tourism, other intervention programmes to prevent the risk of child sex offences, etc.
  • to develop a multi-stakeholder dialogue aimed at finding common solution to detect and fight illegal material online.
  • to enable participants to gain an overview of the complex social/educational/legal challenges related to child sex abuse criminal cases, especially those with strong tech/internet components.
  • to familiarise all participants (who often have no technical background) with the basic skills, challenges and difficulties of internet (open) source tools used by offenders such as chat rooms and social media.
  • to facilitate networking opportunities and encourage close contacts and cooperation among different professions all involved, in different stages, in the fight against child sex abuse material and exploitation.